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A message from Kim McCracken, Children, Youth, and Family Minister- A VBS Recap

Vacation Bible School- We had a great week of VBS!!! Thank you to our generous congregation for your donations of over $8,000.00!! Because of your generosity we were not only able to provide a FREE VBS that included dinner for this year but will have the funds for next year also!!!  We had 50 children all week who were excited and energized to learn and share the Good News about our “Great and Awesome God”!!!  We learned that God Creates, God Helps, God Loves, God Calms, and God Sends!! Throughout the week the children brought in items for “Blessing Bags”.  “Blessing Bags” are bags that are created for the less fortunate and can contain a variety of different items.  For our bags, we collected: a bar of soap and a wash cloth, tooth brush and toothpaste,   deodorant and razor, shampoo and conditioner, breakfast bar and bottle of water and a $5.00 gift card.  On Friday following VBS, the crew leaders (the youth) and three adult leaders were locked in the church over night to make the blessing bags.  The children and their families brought in enough items to make 70 bags!!! On VBS Sunday members of the congregation were sent into the community to distribute the “Blessing Bags”.

Thank you GOD and to everyone who helped make this year’s VBS a Great and Awesome one!!

Our Mission
Our mission in the area of Children, Youth and Family Ministry is to share the love of Jesus by becoming partners with you in Faith Formation.
As  Lutherans, we believe that we are saved by God’s grace through Spirit-given faith for a life of good works.  We model this in Sunday School and Youth Group through our actions and outreach.  The Children, Youth and Family Ministry is an important area of ANY church  and we strive to  welcome,  encourage and support all children, youth and families.'

Milestone Ministry

At Our Savior’s we like to celebrate some of the important times, called Milestones, with our families.  Listed are some of the Milestones we celebrate:

¨ Baptisms -Back to School Blessing- Third grade Bibles- First Communion- Confirmation -  Affirmation of Baptism- High School Graduation

Baptism is the first of the two Holy Sacraments recognized by the Lutheran faith.  When a family brings a child to be baptized, the child becomes a part of a  larger family, the family of Christ.  That  larger family , the church , parents and   God-parents/ sponsors promise to pray and assist in raising the child to become a mature Christian adult. The child will receive a  Faith Chest, a First Bible, a candle, a napkin and a certificate. Although it is traditionally thought of as an infant or young child being baptized, OSLC also welcomes adults to receive this Holy Sacrament.

We do a "Back to School Blessing" because we know t
he start of the school year is an exciting and sometimes scary time.  We at OSLC like to remind all our students, from Pre K through Graduate school, and teachers also, that Jesus is with them always.

We give out our Third Grade Bibles because one of the promises made in Baptism is to place the scriptures into the hands of your child.  Our Savior’s partners with parents to fulfill this promise.  We provide an opportunity to learn about the bible with your child in a group setting and then present your child with his or her bible in a special presentation in front of the congregation.

Communion is The second of the two Holy Sacraments is First Communion. First Communion is Maundy Thursday or Easter Sunday. Preparation Class for First Communion is held on Saturday two weeks prior to   Easter Sunday. Instruction consists of the children, along with at least one parent, attending the class on the meaning of the Holy Sacrament.

Confirmation / Affirmation of Baptism. While Confirmation is a Lutheran Rite of passage, it is more importantly a chance for young people to affirm as their own, the  covenant made with them in baptism and to commit themselves to a life of discipleship. Confirmation is a two year program of  instruction, normally taught to 7th and 8th grade students. Confirmation  is taught by the Pastors.  The Rite of  Confirmation /Affirmation of Baptism is  normally held on Reformation Sunday.

 High School Graduation​ is an important milestone that serves as a gateway to adulthood. We celebrate and recognize our graduates with a blessing and they are presented with a quilt made by the quilters of Our Savior’s.

Important dates for Children, Youth and Family Ministry

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